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segunda-feira, abril 27, 2009

Google Summer of Code 2009

I had a project accepted for Google Summer of Code 2009. I will work with Mozilla TraceMonkey trying to improve its register allocator.

“ TraceMonkey adds native‐code compilation to Mozilla’s JavaScript engine (known as “SpiderMonkey”). It is based on a technique developed at UC Irvine called “trace trees”, and building on code and ideas shared with the Tamarin Tracing project. The net result is a massive speed increase both in the browser chrome and Web‐page content. ”

This project has two mains challenges: To increase execution speed of compiled JavaScript by avoiding spilling and to produce better native code. Click here to view the project proposal.

As Google Summer of Code requirements, everyone has to use a blog to communicate with his or her mentor and other people involved. Instead of creating other blog I opted for using this old plain space. Speaking about mentors, Dave Mandelin will be my mentor (check out his blog to know more about TraceMonkey)

Fernando Pereira is another important piece of this project. Besides being my co-adviser here at LLP, he developed the Register Allocation by Puzzle Solving technique that I will code in TraceMonkey.

So, Join me this winter for coding!



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